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Never Thought You Would Work From Home?

So, it’s happened. You’re working from home, and you never thought that would be possible. Maybe your company wasn’t too keen on the idea of employees working remotely before COVID-19 pushed us rapidly in that direction. Maybe you really liked getting away to the office and needed those clear, defining lines on when you work, and when you spend time with family. A work from home mandate was a fast change, and one you probably found yourself very unprepared for. 

So far you’ve navigated through creating an office environment for yourself (with boundaries for pets and kids, of course), figured out how to meet effectively and how to navigate through a panel of faces on your screen, and learned when it’s acceptable to wear real clothes vs. stay in your pajamas. But that seems to be the easy part. You realize you’re not alone in this, and in fact, everyone’s story is starting to sound the same. The same struggles. The same fears. The same stuck feeling.

  • You wonder, not only how will you get through this, but how can you progress your career in a time like this?
  • How can you make yourself stand out among the crowd, for your employer to take notice of your hard work from a distance and see you as an asset for your company?
  • Is there something you can do to promote both your personal and professional growth whilst cooped up inside?

Great news! Yes, you absolutely can. Have you tried the Remote Worker Profile? Better yet, let’s talk about why you should.

In a matter of ten minutes, which is less time than it takes to walk to the kitchen and prepare your afternoon caffeine boost, you can take steps to learn more about your strengths and areas needing improvement in your challenging new work environment. Instead of ignoring your strong points, you’ll be encouraged to not only focus on them, but sharpen them, as well. You get to see where you stand in how you focus on ideas, focus on tasks, and how to be the best leader you can.

Your Remote Worker Profile is just the beginning. You also get a one-to-one coaching session to review your results and put them to practice. You get to speak to someone (better known as a Gcologist) who knows how to break it down into actionable chunks. And, you get to ask those burning questions around building your confidence in putting your results to use. Pretty cool, huh?

Ok, yeah, but how does that “help” me?”. Great question. Knowing yourself a bit better and where your strengths lie can help you target work and projects that allow those skills to shine like a beacon in these dark times. 

In this era of uncertainty, a lot of things have come to a stand-still, including work projects and company goals, as many businesses have gone into survival mode. 

What if you could pick up some of those projects on hold or stuck in limbo and carry them forward, all while utilizing skills that are beneficial to not only getting it done, but completing it well?

That would be a win for both you and your company. You will stand out as not just someone waiting around to be told what to do, but by making things happen and getting stuff done. Your employer can sigh some relief about such a big task resting in such capable hands (especially if you can show your boss those handy-dandy profile results, which pretty much speak for themselves).

You’re not just looking out for yourself, you’re being a dependable, self-sufficient rockstar who steps up to the plate. Being a team player in times like these can really make you stand out, but also make you feel good. And we all need a little bit more of that!

Taking charge in your own way and stepping up to be a leader is a great personal challenge. Now is not the time to follow. Stand out on your own and put your awesomeness to good use, today!

Start with your profile quiz, meet with your savvy Gcologist (aka industry expert), and let your employer know how you can have an impact for the positive!

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