The Remote Worker Profile

Freelancing In The Digital Age

Rise of the Remote Worker and Freelancer

Freelancing is becoming the new normal. Since the start of the social media age, being a blogger-traveller-freelancer has become the aspiration of many millenials, but why should only they have all the fun?

The Wall Street Journal reported that 3.4 million people in the US quit their jobs in April 2018. Although many of those workers will look for employment at other companies, a significant number will become entrepreneurs – taking on freelance roles and streamlining their time.

Freelancing and working remotely go hand-in-hand and this is becoming easier every day. With services like Toggl, Trello, and Slack, managing your time, billing and invoicing clients by yourself has never been so seamless. Whether you are a recent graduate or have 20 years’ experience in corporate and need a change, for once, the world is actually working with you – all you need is an internet connection, your skills and a few tools to help you along the way.

The Remote Worker Profile, powered by The GC Index

Becoming a Freelancer or Remote Worker

One of those tools is our Remote Worker Profile. If you haven’t read our article on organimetric assessments , it might be useful! Basically, it is used to classify you into one of five profiles, namely The Strategist, The Game Changer, The Implementer, The Polisher or The Play Maker. This profile will help you understand your strengths and areas needing some development, and show you where you can make the most impact on a project.

Being aware of your profile can also help you to market yourself better. With all those new people entering the freelance market (and many already there!), you will need to stand out above the other bidders, and knowing what your assets are will help you tailor your job search and land those all-important first gigs. As a remote worker, you are also open to international competition and, of course, international opportunities too! The need to sell your value, and not just your skills and talents, is central to your remote working success.

As part of our Remote Worker Profile, you get a GC Index assessment and a feedback session where your profile will be clearly explained to you by a GCologist. This profile will help you realise where you provide value (and where you are most happy).

Are you a Game Changer?

Then your value lies in contributing new ideas. Maybe you’re an Implementer and should be looking for more hands-on jobs. Whichever your inclination, we are here to help you realise your true potential. As a freelancer, doing very well on a project usually translates into repeat business and definitely into referrals. During your feedback session, your worklife coach will spend some one-on-one time with you and help you set developmental goals based on your profile. This helps you to progress even after the assessment.

Key Benefits of the Remote Worker Profile

Still not sold? Here are some of the key benefits of the Remote Worker Profile:

  • Match your profile to suitable jobs for the best results
  • Provide balance to an organisation or team
  • Get repeat business and maybe increased rates, because you’ll be doing the best job you have an inclination for
  • Market yourself more effectively to new clients
  • Play to your strengths
  • Increase your chances of getting a steady stream of work to put an end to the “feast or famine” cycle you may be used to

It’s a global village, and working from any corner of that globe has become increasingly popular. You want to stack the cards on your side, and the Remote Worker Profile is a great way to do this. After you complete your feedback session, you can even receive further online coaching from the Remote Work Index, if you would like more help to achieve your freelancer dreams. Our mentor-ship program is lead by people who have been in your shoes, and are now living the remote-worker dream!

Know Your Value – and market for it!

One of the more difficult tasks in remote work and freelancing is being able to maintain competitive rates, while still making a living. You will be responsible for your own salary which is both daunting and exciting, but you also have the power now. Through the Remote Worker Profile, you know what your value is and you will have a team member show you exactly how to use that value and leverage it.

The Remote Work Index is that unbiased, second opinion you need to show you where the quality comes from. Maybe you’re good at producing work quickly and consistently but without finesse, or maybe you can produce the glitz and glamour but at a more deliberate pace – each has its own place in the freelancing world, and knowing which one you are better at, will help you land the right jobs. The right jobs translate into you performing the task well, which in turn can be leveraged into more work.

With the right tools and the right support structure, your remote working dream may be just around the corner. Starting this journey with the Remote Worker Profile will help you to lay a strong foundation for a freelancing career that is built on your strengths, and set you up in the right frame of mind to take on the world.

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