The Polisher

Final Touches – The Polisher

Things can always be better! That is the motto of the Polisher. They aim to create a future that they, and their team, can be proud of. Polishers are a blend of obsession and action; they will obsess about improving something which will spur them into action. They pursue continuous improvement and are natural perfectionists, setting a high standard for themselves and their teams or organisations.

Polishers can take procedures or products and slowly improve them over time, chipping away at any imperfections like a sculptor working towards a perfectly smooth form. They also understand the importance of this continuous improvement in a commercially competitive context and are able to explain this to other team members.

What Makes a Polisher?

At their core, Polishers strive for excellence. They enjoy refining something, be it a product or procedure, into its most perfect state. Polishers are not afraid to tackle projects with patience and understand that they are in it for the long haul.

Contrary to Implementers, they will never accept something as “good enough“.

Their perfectionism simply won’t allow it. This may mean that, from time to time, they bump heads with Implementers and Game-Changers who are ready to move on to the next challenge, while the Polisher wants to spend more time on the final product.

Polishers are comfortable with performing repetitive tasks as they enjoy perfecting their own work and see routine as an opportunity for improvement. Their pursuit of perfection will mean that they are considered to be tenacious, determined and driven by others around them. But this also means that they are optimistic, they like to see potential for improvement where others don’t – both in people as well as in their work.

Polishers as Leaders

As leaders, Polishers will expect a high standard from their team, as they do of themselves. This expectation means Polishers will push their team members, which will require a unique set of skills for them to get the best out of others. If they are able to do this with dexterity, they will be able to inspire their team to follow their lead in pursuing excellence.

Polishers need to be mindful of not pushing members beyond their capabilities, as this will inhibit others from performing at all. A healthy balance between pushing for better and accepting “good enough” will make the Polisher an excellent leader.

Top 5 Tips for Being the Perfect Polisher

Tip 1: Halt the Hustle

The Polisher’s obsessive nature and outcome-focused drive means that they can lose sight of other things in life. Like Implementers, it is important for them to stand back at times, halt the hustle, and look to other things that bring them joy and recharge their batteries.


Tip 2: Push, but Not Too Hard

While Polishers do want to push their teams to do better, they must remember to do this in an encouraging and positive way, and not to let people feel like they will never be good enough. This will be highly detrimental to morale. Leading by example or pointing out potential they see in others are positive ways to inspire improvement.

Tip 3: Let It Go!

There’s no need to flog a dead horse. Polishers should know when to let go of their projects, even if they still feel there are improvements to be made. Choosing which projects need to be perfect and which ones accomplish the objectives is a good way to manage time. Implementers can help decide when something is ready to go and Play-Makers can help to delegate tasks that don’t need that perfect touch.

Tip 4: The Power of Perfection

Polishers can learn to use their perfectionist nature to their advantage by using it as a tool to do quality control. This is a great way to ensure that things are the best they can be for themselves and their teams.

Tip 5: Positive Outcomes

Weighing up the pros and cons of any situation is important in a commercial setting. Polishers should be able to articulate why the extra effort of making something perfect or at least better will be worth it. Nothing speaks louder than money at these times. Proving that making something excellent will increase its commercial value is a sure-fire way for Polishers to perfect their projects, and keep the higher-ups happy.

Perfection and excellence, the two things most dear to a Polisher’s heart.

These are good qualities to strive for and Polishers fill an important role in every team. Their desire to do better and their ability to action that desire will help teams to deliver high quality products at a reliable rate. Polishers can inspire others to do better and to recognise untapped potential. Working together with Implementers and Play-Makers will help them to get the best out of their teams as well as themselves.

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