The Implementer

Do or Do Not, There is No Try – The Implementer

Do or do not. There is no try. These famous words were spoken by ‘Master Yoda’ (Google that if you’re not into Sci-Fi) and truly embody the essence of an Implementer. They are the doers who get the job done and can’t wait to get their own hands dirty!

Implementers are the people that drive the work forward.

They enjoy the process of working towards a goal and being actively involved in all aspects of that process. When they form part of a team, Implementers exude energy and urgency as they focus on the task and work towards it with methodical, practical determination.

What Makes An Implementer?

Implementers want to get things done – they deliver – they are driven by pragmatism and action.

They are often considered reliable workers who accomplish tasks in a dependable way. Implementers have a clear focus on the outcome and will not easily tire in the process of getting there. They are able to push through what other roles, such as Game-Changers and Polishers, would consider as boring or routine.

Implementers are able to focus on the end result, which allows them to get through “the boring stuff”.

  • Achieving tangible results is what gives Implementers the most satisfaction. Knowing that they have completed the task successfully will bring happiness and contentment.
  • Implementers enjoy finding solutions to practical problems and circumnavigating obstacles on their way to achieving their goals. Their desire to get things done can often spark innovative solutions or inspire them to be flexible in their approach.
  • Implementers’ strong pragmatism will sometimes allow them to accept something as “good enough” where others might push for perfection.

Implementers As Leaders

Implementers are usually energetic, vibrant and keen to get stuck into work. Their outcome-focused approach causes them to lead by example. The Implementer’s determination to accomplish tasks allows them to be resilient during delays or obstacles as they keep their eye on the prize. They use their practical knowledge to overcome these challenges.

Implementers will rely on Strategists and Game-Changers to provide original ideas and broader tactics. The Implementer’s true value lies in making things happen and leading others to successfully accomplishing tasks.

Implementers should bear in mind that they need to be able to explain the context of their actions to other team members, showing them why an action is necessary or how it will be done. Their pragmatism can cause them to bump heads with dreamer types like Game-Changers, whose creative notions may not always fit with practical efforts. At these times, Implementers can turn to Strategists and Play-Makers to provide another view.

Top 5 Tips For Being An Effective Implementer

Tip 1: Learn When to Delegate

Implementers have a strong hands-on approach and they will often want to do everything themselves.

When there is a lot to be done, it’s important for Implementers to know which tasks need their specific attention and which are safe to delegate.

Tip 2: Consider Coaching Others

Because of the Implementer’s practical skills, they are uniquely placed to show other team members how to streamline their workflow or simplify certain tasks. Through years of practice, they have learned the “tricks of the trade” and could coach others in these skills.

Tip 3: Reality Check The Strategists & Game-Changers

Forming a healthy working relationship with Strategists and Game-Changers on the team, will allow Implementers to act as reality-checkers for these two profiles’ wild ideas. Being practical but sensible is key at these times.

Implementers should listen to new ideas with an open mind and discuss them based on their game-changing qualities and commercial value, as well as their practical application.

Tip 4: Talk Strategy

Helping Strategists implement their plans is one of the key functions of the Implementer. Understanding the commercial strategy behind the plan will help Implementers to achieve success both for themselves and their company.

Tip 5: Take Time Out

With a heavy drive to work and accomplish tasks, it is a good idea to take time out and consider life and the bigger picture. Implementers should be mindful of this and make sure they take the time necessary to live a balanced life.

Implementers are instrumental in making projects move forward.

Their determination and drive will inspire other members to action and they can effectively lead a team to success. Their relationship with Strategists and Game-Changers is also of vital importance to making game-changing ideas a reality!

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