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If you are planning to join or are currently part of the remote workforce or otherwise have the ability to work outside the traditional office, congratulations 🙂

Success in that new environment requires agility, flexibility, discipline and the willingness to learn, to be able to adapt into the constantly shifting demands of working life. We can’t stop the world from changing, but we can join it – embrace the change and turn it to our advantage. Make it work on OUR terms!

Location Specific Work

Technical advances and digitalisation change the way we think, consume, interact, work – everything. The physical world around us is becoming smarter and human hands are no longer needed to do the most repetitive chores.

Location specific work is starting to disappear, and an increasing number of jobs can be done from anywhere. That, in turn, gives us all both freedom as well as responsibility over our professional lives and careers.

Don’t dilute your ability; focus on your greatness!

A Sense of Belonging

The world is becoming more and more digitalised. That gives us all the freedom to do what we want to do and be where we want to be – at the same time.  The Remote Work Index was founded to tackle the needs of location independent professionals, offer you help & support – so you can thrive doing what you love.

There are lots of pros in being location independent,

but it’s not always easy - you have to work extra hard for some things people with ’regular jobs’ have handed to them: a community and a sense of belonging.

It also makes us all entrepreneurs

and GAMECHANGERS, being more responsible than ever - of organising our day-to-day tasks, setting goals and asking for help when we need it.

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In these sessions, you’ll get a better sense of what changes the digital world brings (and has already brought) to working life and what you can do to adapt.

After the training you’ll be able to better recognise all the possibilities you have, skills you can utilise and how to monetise them.

Join the Remote Work Index now to get ahead and start thriving – we can’t wait to meet you! free workshop
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The Remote Worker Profile

Uses methods and tools as a basis to help you assess what it is you bring to the table.

​​​​​​​Knowing if you are The Strategist, The Game Changer, The Implementer, The Polisher or ​​​​​​​The Play Maker gives you self-awareness and helps you differentiate yourself and communicate your impact to potential employers and clients.

And don’t think The Remote Worker Profile is only for the self-employed.

postive impact

The Distributed Team Profile

In today’s global economy, building a team of professionals from around the world can gain your business the edge it needs to compete on an international level.​​​​​

With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your team can make their best contribution to drive measurable outcomes and boost performance to elevate your business to new heights.

The Remote Worker Profile +

The Work Together Anywhere Workshop

Working remotely is a core competency for the modern creative worker, and it takes both confidence and experience to truly master.

  • Avoid miscommunications and outline acceptable behaviors for how your team wants to work together
  • Access your Remote Worker Profile during this workshop and identify your natural inclination or preferred contribution to make an impact in your remote role. (There are five roles in total that make up a game-changing team. Each of these roles contribute to game-changing outputs in a unique way)
  • Learn how to setup and facilitate virtual team meetings to get the most engagement and interaction from your team
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback on both small and big things to inspire continuous improvement
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